Neighborhood Nights

Want to host the Served Food Truck in your neighborhood?!?

In a time where we are so limited with how we can help one another, by offering meals in your neighborhood for 2 hours, you will be feeding several others in the South Shore area of MA.

So, how does it work?

DATE SELECTION. We are available on Friday’s (4pm – 6pm) and Sunday’s (3pm – 5pm) for Neighborhood Nights. Please contact us to learn more about available dates (

MENU SELECTION. The menus for these events rotate. We have menus such as a Mexican Fiesta, BBQ Nights, Asian Fusion or Summer Classics. Our menus are always created with the vegetarian and omnivore in mind. If you need Gluten Free options, we’ve got those too! We are family people and we know how picky the little ones can be, so we’ve got small options for them as well.

PRE-ORDERS. Once a date and menu have been selected, we will send you a link to your event! You will create an email or social media post, inviting your friends and neighbors to join you! They will pre-order and pay for their meals right on the website. They’ll be sent a confirmation reminder to pick up their meal on the date/time of the event. When they arrive at the truck (in front of your home), they’ll give their name and the order will be ready within minutes. This is a great opportunity to get outdoors, have some safe face time with people and know you are making a difference in someone else’s life by doing so!

COVID. Our team on the truck will wear face coverings and gloves as required by the state of MA when preparing food. We encourage guests to use whichever safety precautions that you have established for you and your family.

MINIMUMS. Ideally you will have a handful of families ready to place an order and support this type of event. The more the merrier! When we have more, we can do more! Depending on the distance location, if there are less than 5 families interested in participating, we may not be able to accommodate an event.


Example Menu - Mexican Fiesta