About Us

Served Kitchen is a Not for Profit 501(c)3 that focuses on two missions:

1. Stop food waste.

2. Provide meals to the hungry.

Nearly a billion people in the world are undernourished. Over 25% of food goes to waste.

We founded Served in 2019 to help with both of these problems. Served is a not-for-profit organization that pledges to:

  • serve free meals in local soup kitchens to those in need,
  • utilize predominantly “wasted” food,
  • create meals made from delicious, healthy ingredients,
  • provide a safe space free of judgment for the homeless, elderly, needy, lonely, deinstitutionalized, and disadvantaged, and
  • build community and change the world.

We aim to live, love, give, and serve.


So where do you come in?

Every single meal, side, staple, etc. that you buy, we will be making a meal for someone in need. So while you are saving time and money and sanity at home, you're also helping feed those who cant feed themselves. Pretty rad right?