Delicious Meals. Delivered to those in need.

for every meal you order at one of our community events or neighborhood nights, we are giving one to someone in need. solving food waste and hunger in the world, one delicious meal at at time.

How it works

Order Your Meals

Each week will offer new and fresh items. Menu comes out on Tuesdays. We are excited to bring you several “staple” items that we will offer week to week. Orders must be placed by end of the day Friday for Sunday/Monday Delivery the following week(based on location). *$50 minimum order.

Your Meals Are Delivered.

We will be delivering your meals on Sundays or Mondays, based on location. It will be consistent, unless noted otherwise. We will be using Eco-Friendly Disposable containers to ensure everyones health and safety. FREE DELIVERY with $50 ORDER.

You Eat Your Meals! Yum...

All of your meals, sides, staples, etc. will come with an email that contains reheating instructions and more! We know some of you love those recipe cards, but we're saving trees, so that makes us happy!

A little behind the scenes of how your meals provide meals for those who are really in need of a good, warm, healthy meal.